Forbes magazine chooses Portugal as the country to live after the Covid-19 pandemic

From America to Germany, from Spain to Sweden, through Belgium and Holland, all top newspapers  write that the future is in Portugal.


Portugal is the best country in the world to live after the Covid-19 pandemic, and the only possible choice within Europe. The guarantee is given by the North American publication “Forbes“, which chooses the Algarve, in the south of the Iberian Peninsula, as the most peaceful, safest and most pleasant place, both to live retirement and to start a new active life, or even to diversify investments. It is also the best place on the world map to take care of health and to live immune to loneliness. In addition, most Portuguese speak English fluently and the population is, as we know, legendary for its hospitality. Not least, Portugal is the European country that has shown the best performance in relation to the pandemic, with residual numbers and maximum political and social cohesion.

In the extensive list of praises to the Algarve coast, which stretches over 100 miles of crystal clear water, “Forbes” highlights the sunlight during all the days of the year (it is one of the most stable climates in the world, with 3300 hours of heat per year and no bad weather months); security, which is reflected in the almost absence of violent or even light crime; the quality and extent of the infrastructure, with air and road connections to all parts of the world; the gratuity and responsiveness of the National Health Service, as was amply demonstrated by the reaction to the coronavirus; the coveted collection of golf resorts (there are more than 40 courses in less than 160 km); the excellent water quality of the paradisiacal beaches, as well as the strict compliance with environmental standards, which ensures 88 blue flags awarded by the European Blue Flag Association; the affordable cost of living, one of the lowest in Western Europe, about 30% lower than any other country of the same size (with 2000 euros a month, a couple is rich in Portugal, points out the magazine); and solidarity. Recently, Portugal has shown that, by regularizing the situation of immigrants during Covid-19, so that they would not be deprived of health services.

Source: LUXIMOS Christie’s International Real Estate