Frequently Asked Questions

When do I make the payment?

You have the option of making the payment when you make the reservation, or if you prefer, at the beginning of the service.

How do I make the payment?

You can make the payment at the time of reservation using your Visa or Mastercard. You can also do it by Paypal, or bank transfer *. In case you prefer to pay at the beginning of the service, you can do it, using cash or the other ways above mentioned (except bank transfer), but in this case (paying at the begining of service) you will have to inform during the reservation process so that we can include it in your service voucher.
* For bank transfer the payment has to be made at least 2 weeks before the service starts.

Where does the service start?

The service starts at your designated location. If it is outside Lisbon (tours from Lisbon) or Porto (tours from Oporto) it has an additional cost of 1.25 euro per kilometer. The same applies if service ends outside Lisbon (tours from Lisbon) or Porto (tours from Porto).

Is it possible to customize the itinerary to my liking?

Yes. We are experts in creating tailored made itineraries for our clients. One way we suggest our customers, is to take one of our already made itineraries and change it to your liking. You can also make one from scratch and we’ll help you to make it even more perfect.

Are the entrances to the monuments included? What about meals?

The entrances to the monuments are not included. Since tours are personalized, not all the clients want to visit the same monuments. Meals are not included *. Each client has the freedom to choose where to eat their meal.
* Except on the Night tour of Lisbon/Dinner and “Fado” 4 hours

Are the services completely private?

Our services are private and exclusive for you. We do not join people you do not know in our services, unless requested by you (with our aproval).

Does the driver-guide escort us?

Whenever it is possible to park the car safely, the driver-guide will accompany the customers. In large cities or places with high tourism flow, where parking is unavailable, the driver-guide will dropp off the clients in a place near the monument to be visited and will set a time to pick them up again at the same place or another to be designated.
While on a tour and In case of client’s luggage beeing carried inside the vehicle, the driver-guide will stay next to it for safety. If client insists on beeing escorted by driver-guide, he or she will have to sign a term of responsability releasing Premier tours/JMVB Tours and Car Service Lda. from any liability resulting from luggage desappearence due to theft or any other act of vandalism.

Where can I start my tour? And where can I finish my tour?

Our tours start in any city of Portugal or Spain and end in Lisbon or Porto greater areas.
Your tour can end in any city of Portugal or Spain as long as it starts in Lisbon or Porto metropolitan areas.

Can we customize the tours on the Premiere Tours website to our likings?

Tours can be changed to your preferences but always in the initial process. Once the tour starts, there can only be changes with the approval of Premiere tours(an aditional cost may apply).

Can I get the tour details by email?

For itinerary tours of several days you will receive the detailed service by email. For day-tours, the web page in our site has full details for each tour.

Does the driver-guide know well Portugal and Spain?

Our driver guides are accredited by the Tourism Bureau, with certification in tourist information and are knowledgeable of the most touristic places of Portugal and Spain.

What kind of vehicles are used at Premiere tours?

Our vehicles are all Mercedes-Benz, high comfort, equipped with air conditioning and WiFi with broadband internet access onboard.

Does Premiere tours have car seats for babies and children in their vehicles?

Yes, car seats for infants and toddler will be provided upon request during the reservation process.

Instead of a driver-guide, we prefer to have a driver and a guide who can accompany us always. IIs it feasable?

Yes, it is possible to have a driver and a guide to accompany full time, however the cost of the service will be adjusted accordingly.