Algarve day trip from Lisbon


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Algarve day trip from Lisbon

After reaching the southernmost part of Portugal where the Mediterranean is the limit, one gets the urge of looking beyond the sea, the same urge that became the thriving force that inspired the Portuguese sailors to be the first to venture into the open oceans.

Our first visit will be to Praia da Rocha, one of the most famous beach resorts in the Algarve. While strolling along the  boardwalk or just enjoying a refreshing drink at one of the many bar terraces, you will be able to admire the mythical beach, considered one of the most beautiful in the world, a family holiday destination from all over Europe.

Next we walk the cobbled stone streets and alleys of Lagos, a city with over two thousand years of history, populated by Romans, Visigoths and Moors. The first slave market in Europe was established here in the middle ages. Very close by you will be able to see the ocean’s horizon at Cape St. Vincent, the south-westernmost point of Europe, that marks the separation between two different coasts: the Atlantic, beaten by the strong west winds, and the Mediterranean, bathed with warm waters from north Africa.

We will depart for Sagres where Henry the Navigator founded the first nautical school  in the World. This place still preserves an aura of mysticism, bordered with magnificent red cliffs defying the Atlantic Ocean.

Whether you choose a single-day or a multi-day tour, you will always be driven in the comfort of our Mercedes-Benz vehicles and escorted by our certified professional driver-guides.

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Vasco da Gama Bridge

We will begin the Algarve day trip from Lisbon by crossing the longest bridge in Europe, Vasco da Gama bridge . It was built in 1998 and inaugurated during Lisbon’s World Fair (Expo 98), in celebration of the 500th anniversary of Vasco da Gama’s voyage of discovery of the ocean route to India from Europe and around Africa. On our way to the Algarve we will enjoy the unique landscape of the “Alentejo” region with its extensive cork tree forests and boundless vineyards (the largest wine region in Portugal).

Praia da Rocha

The mythic beach, Praia da Rocha, considered one of the most beautiful in the world, has always been a favorite summer holiday destination for European families, especially British. Time to walk along the boardwalk and or have a refreshing drink and enjoy the views of the sea and the spectacular beach.


Lagos has been a city of great commercial activity since the Middle Ages. This city was the starting point of the first Portuguese maritime expeditions to Africa. It was in Lagos that the trade of slaves, gold, and exotic products originating from the western coast of Africa, first evolved. Leisure time to walk around in one of the most pleasant cities in Portugal and enjoy the local shops, sweets and pastries, and traditional items.


Sagres was the place chosen by Prince Henry the Navigator (15 century) to establish the first nautical school in the world: The Nautical School of Sagres. This seaside region, privileged by nature, is an ideal stop for a relaxing lunch (optional).

Sagres Fortress

The Nautical School of Sagres founded in 1416 by Prince Henry the Navigator allowed the Portuguese mariners to be the first Europeans to have the supremacy of the oceans, mainly due to the scientific developments achieved by their investigators, namely the triangular sail, the Caravel (ship) and the astrolabe. Visit to this world historical site.

Cabo de Sao Vicente (Cape of St. Vincente)

The Cape of St. Vincente is the south-westernmost point in continental Europe. This plateau enters splendidly into the sea and from it you can contemplate some of the most amazing ocean views and the separation of the cold waters of the Atlantic and the warm waters of the Mediterranean and northern Africa.

Ponte 25 de Abril (April 25th bridge)

Returning to Lisbon through “Ponte 25 de Abril”, an impressive suspension bridge which replicates the San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge in California and has become a symbol of Portugal’s capital since its construction in 1966.

Algarve day trip from Lisbon
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